Common questions about Gunung Selamat

Contact or +62 21 384 3223 if you've got more questions and we'll be glad to assist you with your queries.

  • How do I purchase the products listed here?

    You can directly visit our showroom at Jl. S. Wiryopranoto no.56-64, Jakarta 10120 (in Google map type in "gunung selamat") or contact us through our hotline +62 21 3442887 / 3843223, email us at "" or fill up the enquiry form in CONTACT US and we will respond immediately to your queries. Our professional team is more than happy to serve you. Cheers!

  • What is needed to purchase motorcycle through Leasing Company?

    • For Individual employees: photocopy KTP, KK (Kartu Keluarga), PBB and latest 3 months salary slip
    • For Individual businessman: photocopy KTP, KK (Kartu Keluarga), PBB and photo of the company
    • For companies: Akte Pendirian, SIUP, Domisili, KTP of Director, latest 3 months of bank account statement
  • For cash payment, what is needed to purchase the bikes?

    Photocopy KTP is all you need to purchase the bikes by cash 

  • Where do I service my bike?

    You can do the maintenance of your beloved bike(s) at our authorized workshop here! We have the latest equipments from Kawasaki Motor Indonesia and a team of professional mechanics ready to serve you!